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DEJA Paints is a brand of HNF Chemicals; a company that provides raw materials to paint producers in Turkey. HNF Chemicals also provides raw material chemicals for thirteen other sectors other than the paint sector and is a company that was commenced as a raw materials supplier in 2014 . In January of 2018, HNF Chemicals expanded to producing it's own construction paint - and as of January 2019 it's own Italian Decorative Coatings. Purchasing/producing raw materials in very large quantities as a supplier, HNF Chemicals has reflected it's purchasing power on the costs of it's own brand, DEJA Paints.

Located 35 km from the Istanbul Airport, DEJA Paints has a production facility with a 700 ton/month capacity along with a well equipped laboratory. DEJA Paints can produce any color in the RAL color chart or any other color chart presented. DEJA Paints are extremely resistant to water and weather conditions, exhibit extremely economic consumption rates and have a hard-to-believe coverage ability.

As for the decorative coatings, using the highest quality metallic/pearlescent pigments, we have been able to produce and supply optimum quality decorative coatings, including a variety of pearlescent coatings and coatings that give a travertine/concrete/asphalt or a stucco/marble look -
as well as appropriate finishes for these products
to give the desired look / effect when completed.

Keeping it's production costs at a minimum and having the advantages of being a raw materials supplier, DEJA Paints offers extremely competitive prices. With all paint recipes designed to be quality-oriented (with the input of the chemistry departments of two universities), DEJA Paints' philosophy is to never compromise from quality and provide exemplary service to it's customers.

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